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Kramer Electronics and Calibre UK introduce the universal VP-794 multi-input scaler

The industry’s most powerful & versatile multi-input scaler

Jerusalem, Israel and Bradford, Yorkshire, UKJanuary 3, 2014 – Integrated Systems Europe 2014 will see the introduction of the very first model in Kramer’s new professional & events range, the VP-794 multi-input scaler designed for scaling, scan conversation, professional edge-blend and warping of video content on to projection and LED video wall displays as well as for general purpose events & broadcast scaling. The VP-794 is multi-personality, it can be switched between LED, Projection or Scaler/Scan Converter modes, greatly appealing to rental and staging providers as it permits a single model to be held in an inventory.

The introduction of the VP-794 is a result of the recent announcement of the joint cooperation between Calibre UK, British electronics manufacturer and Electronics designer, manufacturer and supplier, Kramer Electronics, Ltd.

"The most powerful and easy to use scaler in its class, the VP-794 is targeted towards rental, large venue and fixed installations as well as premium digital signage applications," said Tim Brooksbank, Chairman of Calibre UK who also manages this new product range within Kramer Electronics, Ltd.



Performance and functionality combined

The VP-794 is based on Calibre UK's HQView architecture optimised for low latency scaling to arbitrary active image sizes. The VP-794 features powerful dual-processor architecture with 16-bit professional-grade blend processing with de-gamma, post-warp blending for optimal blend and warp performance and curved screen warping.

The VP-794 can capture a live image for display as a still, for example a customer logo screen or backdrop. Unlike other scalers available in the market, the VP-794 can scale, warp and blend this captured image, which is a valuable benefit for LED & Projection displays.

Offering the industry's best image calibration and flexibility, the VP-794 offers per input channel RGB, Bri/Con/Saturation/Hue controls, including on digital and computer graphics inputs. This is an important feature for colour matching images and displays on-set.


The VP-794 video inputs include HDMI, DVI, VGA, Component, Composite, YC/SVideo and 3G-SDI inputs and Separate Genlock. Audio pass-through and de-embed is achieved from 3G-SDI & HDMI to 3G-SDI, HDMI & SPDIF. The VP-794 has a Built-in Test Pattern Generator including SMPTE Bars, Pluge, Aspect Ratio Test, Greyscale as well as custom downloadable test patterns that are accessible via web browser interface.

With ease of use in mind, the rack-mountable VP-794 has front panel LCD menu with a jog-shuttle wheel for fast setup. Remote control over a network takes advantage of an inbuilt webserver.

Designed with the application in mind

In projection environments, the VP-794 can be used for scaling, edge blending, warping, geometry correction and colour correction.

For use with flat panel displays, the VP-794 performs outstanding scaling and switching, scan conversion, rotation, portrait mode and colour correction.

For video wall display, the VP-794 performs vital functions such as downscaling, pixel accurate sizing, arbitrary image size and colour correction. The VP-794 has dedicated LED videowall processing mode with ultra-easy to configure output window sizing using 'drag and drop' and automatic pan/tilt/zoom adjusting to the fit LED videowall which remains correct even if the input resolution or channel is changed.


See the VP-794 multi-input scaler first at the Kramer Electronics stand 1F20 at Integrated Systems Europe 2014, Amsterdam RAI.



For more information about Kramer Electronics please go to www.kramerelectronics.com

For more information about Calibre please go to www.calibreuk.com

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